Baby Morton


Lil'Morton(or Lil'BigMouth or spelled as Little Morton) Is Roxie's Girlfriend. they help Stop Mario and Sonic Together. in NSG they work together. Lil'Morton has a differnet Vision. he has heat Vision. he can cover his eyes if he dons't know whats going on. He has ADHD in his Vision. His DNA is differnet to the Ultra Freedom Fighters. he Differnet. His kicks are Invicnble.

Loves Roxie ThingEdit

He and Roxie are More than just friends. Lil'Morton is 13. but still the youngest and born Last. He Compares that he right and tries to Fearo Jeilous. Roxie can scream when Lil'Morton is strong,Brave and Kinda Teenage like.


Little Morton is the only elite Character in this wiki.

Lil'Morton is The smallest Teenager in his school.

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